Thursday, January 13, 2011

Year 1, A Look Back - Living Room

To celebrate a new year and just a little over one year of home ownership, I'm writing a series of blogs that look back on all the progress we have made on the house in the past year room by room. I'm also posting projects we are hoping to accomplish in 2011. In this next blog I'm going to focus on the living room.

First, a few before photos.

Now the after photos!

I still need to refinish and reupholster this wood lounge chair.

We still need blinds for all the windows, I'm really not too fond of this fabric pinned up look! I think we are going to get either simple white roman or roller shades that fit inside the window so we don't hide the beautiful molding my dad installed.

2010 Completed Projects:
- Refinished hardwood floors
- All new paint
- New molding around the windows, doors and baseboards

A before and after shot of the door molding. I love how it turned out! Now one of these days we hope to get a nicer door but that will have to wait for now.

A before and after shot of the molding around the windows.

It's amazing what some nice baseboard molding can do, really.

Living Room Projects for 2011:
- Window shades
– Refinish and reupholster wood lounge chair
- The rest are decorating projects like a tall plant for one of the corners and probably a lamp in the other. The room isn't quite right yet but I think these little things will complete the room.


  1. what is the wall color?

  2. The color is Sweatshirt Grey by Ralph Lauren

  3. your after pictures are so awesome! great job!

  4. Where is your piece of artwork from? The place looks great!

  5. Thanks everyone! I'm not sure which piece of artwork you are referring to but the assemblage piece I made myself and the poster above the sofa is a 1969 mid-century modern poster.

  6. Where did you get that sofe? It would be perfect for our living room.

  7. I purchased the sofa a few years ago from a friend who was moving. It is a Todd Oldham modular sofa.

  8. awesome!!! I love the art piece you made. where did you get the 1969 mid century poster from?

  9. Thank you! One of my friends collects and sells California mid-century modern art, I purchased the poster from him.

  10. How did you finish the ceiling?