Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Year 1, A Look Back - Bathroom

The past few postings I've been writing about the projects we have completed during our first year in our first home and the projects we hope to complete in 2011. The next room is the bathroom. We still have a lot of work to do in this room but a complete restroom renovation isn't in the budget right now so we just did a few small cosmetic changes to add a little charm for now.

Here are a few BEFORE photos:

And now for some AFTER photos:

We liked the spa blue color that the walls were already painted but the restroom needed all new paint so we went with a slightly darker blue.

New molding was installed around the window and I made this little cafe curtain. I sewed a small bird in the lower left corner to go with the bird theme we have in this room.

 I love our bird cage shower curtain!

Another view of the birdcage shower curtain as well as some Charley Harper bird prints hanging over the toilet.

Nothing has really changed here yet, just added a few accessories and a towel rack.

I made this shelf out of some wood that was left over from another project. Then added a few accessories.
 Added a new towel rack

New molding was installed around our door. We still have to refinish and paint the door (A 2011 project).

Before the door frame was all torn up. My dad came down to install the molding and he did a great job repairing this!

2010 Completed Bathroom projects:
- All new paint
- New molding around the door and window
- Made new window curtain
- New shower curtain
- Made a shelf

Projects we would like to complete in 2011:
- Strip and paint door
- Add a vent to the ceiling so we get proper ventilation in the restroom (currently the window is the only ventilation)
- Install Crown Molding
- All new period style flooring (most likely won't happen in 2011)
- New period style vanity (most likely won't happen in 2011)
- New tile in shower (most likely won't happen in 2011)
- New bathroom hardware in shower and sink (most likely won't happen in 2011)
- Install baseboards or bead board (can't be done until new flooring is installed so this probably won't get done this year either).

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