Friday, May 28, 2010

Living Room Before & After

We are mostly finished with our living room in our 1940's cottage. The wood floors have been refinished, one of the only things we didn't do ourselves. Some things I believe should be left to the professionals and this was one of those jobs. We prepped and painted everything, and let me tell you, old plaster walls are not fun to prep. Sadly all the original molding was gone when we got the house so we plan on installing molding that will look like it's always been there (hopefully). Furniture arrangement was a challenge in such a small space, especially where to put the T.V. but I'm happy with the results! See below for before and after photos.

Living Room Before


The assemblage art piece was made by me. Made out of found wood I collected from different places. The color scheme for living room mainly came from this piece and the orange sofas which I already owned.

We still have all the molding to install but besides that the living room is mostly done. In the lower right hand corner you can see a sample of the baseboard we plan to install. The black and white pillows are made by me and can be purchased at my etsy shop The mid-century chairs I found on Craigslist and I plan to refinish them one of these days. Another project on my growing to-do list!

The living room flows straight into the dining room. Both rooms are very small. The house is only 820sq ft.

The coffee table is a mid-century modern table I found on Craigslist. The kidney shaped ceramic piece I found on ebay. The print above the sofa is a 1969 poster designed by Ellamarie Woolley.

I'm a huge Charley Harper fan. When I saw this bird print with gourd bird houses I just had to have it!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Texas to California Road Trip

Back in November, right before we moved into our new house, we went to visit my fiances family in Texas. While we were there we picked up his truck and drove it back to California. I've been so busy with the house I'm just now really getting a chance to look at the photos I took. Here is a sampling from our trip below. We stopped in a small town called Marfa, TX, I wish we had more time there I would have loved to have taken more photos, such a cool artsy little town!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Dining Room Before & After

Dining Room before the start of renovations.

This photo was taken before any renovations had been done.

This photo was taken after a new paint job and the floors had been refinished.

The final result!

The mid-century modern table and chairs was a excellent find on Craigslist. The hanging lamp I won on Ebay.

I've been really interested in living vertical walls for sometime now so when I came across the Wally pocket from I decided these pockets would be perfect for creating a living wall in our dining room. I love the end result! It's so beautiful and out of reach from our cats who love to munch on plants. I can't wait until the plants grows in more! It's living art!

All that is really left is to install the baseboards.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Going green!

After several months of repairing and painting windows we have finally started painting the exterior of the house!