Monday, February 28, 2011

Office Corner Organization

San Diego doesn't get much rain but these past two weeks have been filled with it so our landscape project we've been working on has been delayed (you can read a little about it here). I thought I would be done with that project by now and would be able to have the full reveal but it looks like it's going to be another week or two, weather permitting. When it comes to house projects everything seems to take longer than planned.

This past weekend I took advantage of the rainy weather and took care of some much needed cleaning and organizing in my office/art/sewing room. My Etsy shop has been getting more and more busy and my sewing area looked like a fabric bomb had exploded. So I took some time out to sort through all my fabric, separating it into solids, prints, felt and remnants stacks. I purchased some cute boxes from IKEA, one for each stack and placed the fabric in each box. Now I can find what I'm looking for quickly rather than constantly sorting through my growing stack of assorted fabrics!

Next I needed somewhere to put my newly organized fabrics as well as some books and other items that have been stacked up in the corner waiting for a home.

I had been putting this off because I wanted to search around for a interesting bookshelf but due to time and money constraints I decided it was time to hit up IKEA for a bookshelf. I found this modern looking white bookshelf, added some vintage finds and one of my collage art pieces to add a little character and voila, a well organized office corner!